Take Time to Reflect

Take time to reflect, but not too much so that you get lost in the past. Learn from your mistakes but don't hold onto them. Each moment we have the option to move forward into the now or to get lost in thoughts around what's already happened. Remember that you can never undo anything but also remember that effects of something don't have to be permanent. We can either allow ourselves to hold onto what we've experienced and the feelings that came with it or acknowledge them and move on. It is always easier to obsess, hold a grudge or stay in a close minded place of judgment. It is harder to move into a place of understanding, acceptance or forgiveness. Don't let something you've once done or thought take away from what you have in front of you. Allow yourself to be free of the past, look forward to the future and appreciate the present. Choose to forgive yourself, forgive someone else, to let go and release something you've been holding onto. Remember that keeping yourself down because of the past only robs you of the present and it what it has to offer. Take each breath, each moment as of comes and keep moving with what you have in front of you.